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DJ Freddie Frederick Jr brings the community together though music

Longtime local DJ Freddie Frederick Jr is keeping busy during this Covid-19 pandemic. While he is not spinning the tunes on the radio or at a wedding or at a local nightclub, Freddie continues to do what he loves. From the luxury of his own basement, he has come up with a way to stay active and try to keep the community together through the love of music.

Last month, when everything began to get shutdown because of the Coronavirus, Fredericks, Jr took his platform to facebook where he now plays music four times a week and takes requests while doing so. He does it for free and for the love of music and the interaction he gets with his fans.

His Facebook Live parties have taken off not only in the Lehigh Valley but fans from other states as well. HE is committed to continue doing these parties from his “Basement” until we get through Covid-19 and get everyone back to the new norm.

Whether you are a sports person or music person, Freddie is using his time to help us all get through this pandemic and he is doing a great job getting that done.

Sunday: 7pm Sock Hop, Wednesday: Party in the Basement with no Name, Friday: 7 pm Family Fun Night, Saturday Night Dance Party 8pm-?

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