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2020-21 Boys Volleyball Spotlight: Michael Condomitti, Nazareth Area HS

Player Name: Michael Condomitti

School: Nazareth Area High School

Year: 2021

Sport: Volleyball (B)

Position(s): Opposite & Setter

Jersey Number: 12

Height: 6’3″

Starting Experience: 7-12 Grades (6 years)

Team Twitter Handle: @nazmensvball

Coaches Comments: Michael is a selfless player both on and off the volleyball court. He comes to all practices and games prepared to dedicate himself 100% to his team. He is a versatile player who can hit anywhere in the front row and also set. His talented skill set ability allows him to be an asset to our team and program. Michael’s positive attitude is admired by both his teammates and coaches and will play to the best of his ability anywhere he is needed for his team’s success.

Coaches Name: Matthew Velekei

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