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Player Previews: Josh Steigerwalt, Lehighton Area High School

Player name: Josh Steigerwalt

School: Lehighton Area High School

Year: Sophomore

Position(s): P/1B

Jersey Number: 42

Height: 6’1”

Starting Experience: 1 year

2019 Pitching Stats:
H: 4
R: 2
OBA: .148
OBP: .281

Coaches Comments: Josh is a big, young player with a good arm and an easy delivery. He does things very naturally and effortlessly, sometimes giving the impression that he isn’t really hustling. That all works to his advantage when he’s on the mound. He’s very confident, consistent, and composed. Coach Schaeffer and I believe he will be an important ingredient if the team is to experience success this season. Josh could keep us in any game when he’s our starting pitcher. He has the potential to become an elite pitcher by the time he’s a senior.

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