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Player Previews: Morgan Teman, Palisades High School

Player Name: Morgan Teman

School: Palisades High School

Year: 2020

Sport: Softball

Position(s): Pitcher, 1st base

Jersey Number: 9

Height: 5 ft 6 inches

GPA: 3.85

Starting Experience: 7 yrs old/10 years

2019 Stats:

One scrimmage.
10 strikeouts
2-4 at the plate


2019 Team MVP
2019 highest batting average

Coaches Comments: Morgan is finally a Senior and basically our only pitcher. She was super excited to toe the mound this spring. She finished last season with our highest batting average. Was looking forward to her big bat as well this spring. Great student-athlete!

Photo Credit: Jill Amato

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