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Phillipsburg Dominates Easton in the Thanksgiving Rivalry Game

The greatest week in the school year for Phillipsburg is Thanksgiving week for the Turkey Day rivalry game against the Easton Red Rovers. It is one of the best, and longest, high school rivalries in the nation. These two teams absolutely hate each other and would do anything to take down the other.

This game is all about tradition. Both schools have their own way to build school spirit. Easton has a huge bonfire, while Phillipsburg has fireworks. Along with many pep rallies and decorations, the whole town is supporting these teams during Thanksgiving.

On the day of the game, it was beautiful weather, lots of fans, and very loud. Both teams seemed very excited and prepared. The Liners had a few injuries that may have affected the team in this game, but their season has shown that they have depth.

The fans packed Lafayette College’s field for what was a historic game. The game started off fast with Dorian Thomas putting the Rovers up early in the first. The momentum quickly shifted though, with John Wargo getting into the endzone on an eight-yard run. With both extra points missing, the score is 6-6.

Liners Sophomore quarterback Jett Genovese took control with two back-to-back rushing touchdowns. It was really impressive to see what Pburg was doing on the running game early to capitalize on their opponent. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 20-6 with Phillipsburg winning.

The second quarter ended up being a lot of close calls and scoreless. Even though the Liners were leading at the half, people wondered if Easton could get something going to make a comeback. This game could change so quickly because it has in the past with these two teams battling every year.

Although people thought a comeback was possible, Pburg did not stop. A huge 58-yard run from Senior running back John Wargo kept the momentum going for the Liners. Sophomore Sam Dech had a 50-yard running touchdown to try and solidify the game. He is a very impressive young player, that will carry the run game for Pburg in the future.

Dorian Thomas scored another running touchdown to shorten the lead. But, it was not enough because Sam Dech got another long touchdown for 75 yards. To end the game, John Wargo put together a 52-yard touchdown to make the score 47-12 with the Liners winning.

Phillipsburg changed their game up a little bit for this important game. They have been playing sort of a hybrid game with both running and passing involved. They went back to their traditional way of playing and stuck to the running game. This ended up working for them because of our powerful and fast running backs.

Many people were doubting the Liners headed into this game saying they got lucky last year and they did not have the power to win. They proved all of those doubters wrong and absolutely dominated Easton. The defense was spot on with Junior Jayden Lucas and Seniors Patrick Day and Marvelous Shabi taking the game over.

This Pburg team is in good hands for the future. We get one more season with the lethal duo of quarterback Jett Genovese and wide receiver Matthew Scerbo Jr. Also, the running game will be in good hands with Sophomore Sam Dech. Head Coach Frank Duffy will guide this team to another dominating season.

Final Score: Phillipsburg 47 – Easton 12

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