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Phillipsburg Girls’ Bowling Goes 2-0

Both Hunterdon Central and P’Burg girls went into the match 1-0 on the season. Hunterdon Central boys were 1-0 and P’Burg boys were 0-1.

Phillipsburg girls started the game one off strong, defeating Hunterdon Central 862 to 701. To secure the win, P’Burg bowled 895, defeating Hunterdon Central (700). In game three, P’Burg continued to dominate, beating Hunterdon Central 819 to 638. P’Burg girls went 7-0 for the day.

Hunterdon Central boys won game one 874 to 769. They secured the victory in game two, where they bowled 863 and P’Burg bowled 731. In the final game, Hunterdon Central defeated P’Burg 801 to 785.

P’Burg girls are 2-0 on the season as well as the Hunterdon Central boys.

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