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Coal Cracker Tournament Results

The annual Coal Cracker Wrestling Tournament was held at Lehighton on Friday and Saturday, with 44 schools entered in the tournament.

Team Results:
Lackawanna Trail (190.5)
Gettysburg (184.5)
Kennet High School (178)
Abington Heights (175.5)
Selinsgrove (167.5)

District 11 Team Placements:

Freedom, 6th, (146)
Parkland, 7th, (143)
Stroudsburg, 12th, (105)
Catasauqua, 14th, (91)
Jim Thorpe, 19th, (65.6)
Tamaqua, 20th, (65)
Palmerton, 24th, (57)
Lehighton, 26th, (51)
Pen Argyl, 27th, (48)
Northwestern Lehigh, 29th, (44)
Palisades, 31st, (43)
Schuylkill Haven, 32nd, (39.5)
Northern Lehigh, 33rd, (39)
Bangor, 34th, (38)
Allentown Central Catholic, 35th, (25)
Dieruff, 35th, (25)
Mahanoy, 41st, (13)
Williams Valley, 42nd, (11)

Individual Results (Boys)


1st – Luke Sirianni (Abington Heights)
2nd – Colton Wade (Sullivan County HS)
3rd – Zachary Berwick (Stroudsburg HS)
4th – Blake Dergham (Parkland HS)
5th – Landyn Lukens (Selinsgrove Area)
6th – Aiden Schlier (Tamaqua Area HS)
7th – Jacob Cottle (Scranton HS)
8th – Tristan Hofman (Freedom HS)


1st – Cole Henry (Lackawanna Trail)
2nd – Mark Ortiz (Stroudsburg HS)
3rd – Charlie Arobone (Souderton)
4th – Simon Zamudio (Hazleton Area HS)
5th – Rocky Finnegan (Sullivan County HS)
6th – Mikhail Hartranft (Catasauqua HS)
7th – Nathan Martin (Selinsgrove Area)
8th – Sam Jeckell (Crestwood HS)


1st – Jaden Pepe (Wyoming Area HS)
2nd – Jaden Colwell (Wallenpaupack Area HS)
3rd – Christian Horvath (Freedom HS)
4th – Kane Lengel (Kennett HS)
5th – Gabriel Pecaitis (Gettysburg Area HS)
6th – Matthew Smith (Midd-West HS)
7th – Carver Moyer (Salisbury HS)
8th – Kruz McCusker (Sullivan County HS)


1st – Gunnar Myers (Wallenpaupack Area HS)
2nd – Jackson Maby (Blue Ridge HS)
3rd – Reinaldo Lebron (Freedom HS)
4th – Landon Uhler (Bangor Area HS)
5th – Leo Kern (Parkland HS)
6th – Colin Price (Abington Heights)
7th – AJ Stayton (Souderton)
8th – Johnny Stone (Wyoming Area HS)


1st – Drew Howell (Honesdale Hs)
2nd – Jorven Rodriguez (Hazleton Area HS)
3rd – Sam Stevens (Abington Heights)
4th – John Samy (Salisbury HS)
5th – Tyler Geiger (Souderton)
6th – Ethan Lee (Lackawanna Trail)
7th – Cameron Wickemeyer (Freedom Hs)
8th – Cole Brown (Catasauqua HS)


1st – Cade Wirnsberger (Meadowbrook)
2nd – Erick Dominguez (Souderton)
3rd – Anthony Evanitsky (Wyoming Area HS)
4th – Austin Smith (Abington Heights)
5th – Conner Heckman (Midd-West HS)
6th – Brian Heard (Abington Heights)
7th – Gavin Fehr (Catasauqua HS)
8th – Max Bluhm (Lackawanna Trail)


1st – Jaryn Hartfranft (Catasauqua HS)
2nd – Dennis Lombardi (Palmerton Area HS)
3rd – Tyler Maier (Kennett Hs)
4th – Devin Youngcourt (Hazleton Area HS)
5th – Juan Moya (Parkland Hs)
6th – Mason Avery (Honesdale Hs)
7th – Garrett Paradis (Selinsgrove Area)
8th – Michael Bluhm (Lackawanna Trail)


1st – Cooper Price (Wyoming Area HS)
2nd – Aiden Gaugler (Selinsgrove Area)
3rd – Deegan Ross (Lackawanna Trail)
4th – Connor Bevan (Freedom HS)
5th – Sal Schiavone (Abington Heights)
6th – Josh Kochersperger (Kennett HS)
7th – Gabe Heaney (Jim Thorpe)
8th – Joey Giannetti (Honesdale HS)


1st – Jacob Cherry (Gettysburg Area HS)
2nd – Robbie Schneider (Lackawanna Trail)
3rd – Adrian Gacek (Parkland HS)
4th – Josh Barlow (Kennett HS)
5th – Porter Dawson (Sullivan County HS)
6th – Josiah Foss (Selinsgrove Area)
7th – Mason Brensinger (Northwestern Lehigh HS)
8th- Camron Tinajero (Jim Thorpe)


1st – Caleb Marzolino (Abington Heights)
2nd – Darrale Barrett (Kennett HS)
3rd – Tyler Withers (Gettysburg Area HS)
4th – Daniel Haubert (Palisades)
5th – Ethan Miller (Selinsgrove Area)
6th – Jared Karabinus (Freedom HS)
7th – Hutch Lynott (Abington Heights)
8th – Jared Newhall (Jim Thorpe)


1st – Bryce Molinaro (Hazleton Area HS)
2nd – Alex Neely (Parkland HS)
3rd – Ethan Kuzy (St Josephs Preparatory HS, PA)
4th – Seth Ross (Lackawanna Trail)
5th – Jordan Williams (Blue Ridge HS)
6th – Connor Wrobleski (Wyoming Area HS)
7th – Paul Renner (Honesdale HS)
8th – Richie Hyzinski (Wyoming Area HS)


1st- Samuel Rodriguez (Gettysburg Area HS)
2nd – John Pardo (Kennett HS)
3rd – Steven Miller (Selinsgrove Area)
4th – Jonah Houser (Lackawanna Trail)
5th – Magnus Bibla (Crestwood HS)
6th – Sean Cordaro (Scranton HS)
7th – Matthew Frame (Northern Lehigh)
8th – Zack Wilken (Honesdale HS)


1st – Trevor Gallagher (Gettysburg Area HS)
2nd – Gunner Treibley (Meadowbrook)
3rd – Maxwell Roy (St Josephs Preparatory HS, PA)
4th – Bailey Shindle (Kennett HS)
5th – Ben Krauss (Salisbury HS)
6th – John Gorrick (Abington Heights)
7th – Thomas Flood (Western Wayne HS)
8th – Javon James (Scranton HS)

Individual Results (Girls)


1st – Aubre Krazer o(Easton HS)
2nd – Lexi DeSiato (Western Wayne HS)
3rd – Zoey Haines (Gettysburg Area HS)
4th – Ella Hessner (Parkland HS)


1st – Madacyn Rivera (Pen Argyl Area)
2nd – Avery Williams (Easton HS)
3rd – Josephine Wehr (Northwestern Lehigh HS)
4th – Navaeh Fegley (Selinsgrove Area HS)


1st – Tommi Vizcaino (Western Wayne HS)
2nd – Gisele Ramirez (Souderton)
3rd – Anna Kalcich (Selinsgrove Area HS)
4th – Chloe Hillis (Parkland HS)


1st – Savannah Witt (Palisades HS)
2nd – Katelyn Keller (Gettysburg Area HS)
3rd – Zalika Roberts (Gettysburg Area HS)
4th – Georgi Butch (Parkland HS)


1st – Haylie Jaffe (Kennett HS)
2nd – Kayla Husti-Luca (Souderton)
3rd – Kayla Reinert (Easton HS)
4th – Layla Bravo (Lehighton Area HS)


1st – Rachel McKinney (Gettysburg Area HS)
2nd – Shannon Fratus (Parkland HS)
3rd – Sara Shook (Wallenpaupack Area HS)
4th – Jenaye Saunders (Parkland HS)


1st- Kylie Monroe (Gettysburg Area HS)
2nd- Jaylyn Ortiz (Easton HS)
3rd – Roxana Castillo (Easton HS)
4th – Rylee Wren (Hanover Area)


1st – Amri Shepherd (Easton HS)
2nd – Colleen Giglio (Gettysburg Area HS)
3rd – Addyson Druss (Western Wayne HS)
4th – Lindsay Snook (Hanover Area)
5th – Emily Gelnett (Selinsgrove Area HS)


1st – Trinity Monaghan (Souderton)
2nd – Ashley Bueso (Hazleton Area HZ)
3rd – Emma Lavalle (Gettysburg Area HS)
4th – Gabriella Salazar (Gettysburg Area HS)


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