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Phillipsburg Community Celebrates Induction of Inaugural Hall of Fame Class

For years, the Garnet Booster Club has planned on hosting the very first induction ceremony for those entering the Phillipsburg High School Athletic Hall of Fame. On September 19, 2021, years of planning finally paid off. Phillipsburg celebrated over 100 years of athletic excellence by inducting their first Hall of Fame class.

This inaugural class is meant to represent athletes that have overachieved and represented their communities with distinction, as both athletes and individuals. Phillipsburg Principal Scanlon praised these distinguished members of the community for being models of toughness and dignity for Phillipsburg Student Athletes in 2021 and beyond.

The 11 individuals being inducted include:

Mike Maloney, football coach (1905-1931)
Charlie Berry, c/o 1921, football/baseball, All-American, All-Pro
Harold Bellis, c/o 1934, football coach (1954-1967)
Bill Walsh, c/o 1945, football/baseball, All-State, All-Pro
Mickey Frinzi, c/o 1946, football, All-State, football coach (1968-1972)
Jim Ringo, c/o 1949, football, Pro Football Hall of Fame
Bob Stem, c/o 1958, All-State football/wrestling, most wins as football coach (112-43-4)
Ned Bolcar, c/o 1985, football, All-State, All-American
Ruth Gibbs, field hockey, basketball, softball coach, pioneer of girls’ sports at P’burg
Thad Turner, wrestling coach (1961-1970)
John Barna, c/o 1982, 3-time state wrestling champion

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