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Phillipsburg Football’s 700th Win

The Phillipsburg Stateliners remain undefeated as they took down Bridgewater on Friday, October 4th. The game was intense from the first second all the way to the last.

Bridgewater took control first when they intercepted one of #6 Ben Ries’s passes, which later in the game, allowed the Panthers to score first. They led in the first quarter 7-0.

The Panthers did not let up, scoring again in the second quarter. Even though the Stateliners were down, their built in grit was not allowing them to give up. They blocked the extra point and held the Panthers to 13-0 until they got their chance to score.

It was not long for the Stateliners to fire back. Ben Ries threw an absolute dime to #13 Ray Poremba, and that was the play that flipped the switch for the Liners. They got back in the game leaving the score 13-7 at half.

Phillipsburg’s head coach, Coach Duffy must have had the right words in the locker room, because when the Liners came back out, they took control of the entire game.

Stateliner Junior #26 Matt Quetel ran the ball into the end zone for yet another TD for the Liners. The Panthers blocked #16 Michael Gomez’s kick, tying the game 13-13 with 6:55 left in the third quarter.

In the third quarter, Phillipsburg scored again. Ben Ries kept the ball and took the lead, scoring for the Liners making it 20-13 with 3:05 left in the third quarter.

The Stateliners and Panthers battled out the fourth quarter leaving the score the same as the third 20-13. Phillipsburg held Bridgewater the entire second half, gaining that 700th win.

The Liners got the 700th win for their program, and they remain undefeated. Next Friday Phillipsburg takes on Hillsborough, home, at 7:00 pm.

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