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2023 Track and Field Preview: Pine Grove Area Cardinals

Head Coach: Emily Daubert – 8 years

Assistant Coaches:
Jake Herring – Throws assistant coach
Gerald Salen – Throws assistant coach
Lynne Delinko – Running assistant coach
Kris Wilde – Running assistant coach
David Shiffer – Throws assistant coach

Sport:: Track and Field (B/G)

Team Name: Pine Grove Area Cardinals

League: Schuylkill League

Key Players Lost:
Abigail Frew-Hurdles/Sprints
Mikaili Donmoyer-Jumps/Sprints
Sarah Warner – Sprints
Aaron Crumrine – Sprints
Henry Anderson – Distance
Brodie Lyons – Hurdles/Sprints

Key Returning Players:
Mia Jefferson – Sprints – Senior
Mel Love – Sprints – Senior
Jazmin Guillen – Sprints – Senior
McKenna Valentine – mid-distance – Junior
Lauren Wessner – Hurdles and Jumps – Junior
Viktorya Luckenbach – Sprints – Sophomore
Rachel Sarge – Throws – Senior
Katie Herring – Throws – Senior
Hannah Leininger – Throws – Senior
Nick Wolff – Jumps – Senior
Killian Skocik – Jumps – Senior
Tavian Frey – Sprints – Senior
Ashton Owens – Distance/Mid-distance – Senior
Nate Frankenfield – Sprints – Sophomore
Tyler Sleva – Throws – Junior
Alex Dubbs – Mid-Distance – Sophmore

Key Newcomers:
Kailen Felty – Sprints – Senior
Rayna Zimmerman – Mid-Distance – Junior
Ella Fasnacht – Mid-Distance – Junior
Aubrey Aungst – Sprints – Freshman
Molly Drumheller – Sprints – Freshman
Carley Brown – Sprints – Freshman
Myla Fasnacht – Mid-distance – Freshman
Tanae Frey – Jumps – Senior
Paige Wynder – Distance – Freshman
Bryce Miller – Jumps – Senior
Jacob Catranis – Sprints – Sophomore
James Barra – Throws – Freshman

2023 Outlook: We have strong leadership in each discipline and area of activity. Those experienced athletes will lead by example showing their commitment and drive to improve not only themselves, but their fellow teammates. We have a lot of new young athletes, but are proving to be very hard workers, that possess a strong desire to improve and learn.

We do not have a very large team so training and avoiding injury will be key.

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