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Cross Country (B/G)

Chaikowsky starts off where he left off, freshman girls have impressive performance

Yesterday, September 15, 2020, at Bangor High School was one of the two colonial cross-country team meets. The race started off with the boys. Matthew Chaikowsky, from the start, led the whole race coming in first with Palisades Runner, T. Smigo, right behind him coming in second. Also, it was a very impressive run from Saucon Valley Junior Jacob Huber, who came in fifth behind Norte Dame’s Owen Fitzgerald. 

Now on to the next race, the girls. Palisades runner A. Stiansen had a very impressive run leading the charge and getting first. Saucon Valley had a strong team effort in three freshman, Isabella Johnstone, Olivia Bortz, and Fiona Stern, all placing in the top 15. Their captain, Emma Szydlow, came in fourth. Their coach, Edward Kolosky, was very pleased with his girls’ team and says there are big things to come for these girls. But Notre Dame had the upper hand and had five girls in the top 15, helping them win the overall race. (See Below for Race times Top 15)


1. M.Chaikowsky SV- 15:18

2. T. Smigo PAL- 15:28

3. C. Smith NDGP- 16:18

4. O. Fitzgerald NDGP- 16:48

5. J. Huber SV- 15:49

6. T. Weidman B- 16:50

7. D. Fitzgerald NDGP- 16:51

8. C. Stout B- 16:57

9. A Karcki NDGP- 17:07

10. M. Campbell PAL- 17:25

11. J. Smith NDGP- 17:36.72

12. M. Millen W- 17:42

13. D. Stambaugh B- 17:43

14. L. McDowell PAL- 17: 50

15. M. Maslonka NDGP- 17:54


1. A. Stiansen PAL- 19:19

2. A. Errico W- 19:35

3. S. Ruguera PAL- 19:36

4. E. Szydlow SV- 20:19

5. G. Medei NDGP- 20:46

6. K. Koons NDGP- 20:58

7. I. Johnstone SV- 21:05

8. O. Bortz SV- 21:07

9. L. Stiansen PAL- 21:08

10. K. Garcia NDGP- 21:10

11. Z. Bronson W- 21:11

12. B. Roth W- 21:17

13. F. Stern SV- 21:26

14. S. Azzalina NDGP- 21:27

15. L. Dainauski NDGP- 21:38

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